Our Present Events

Have a look at our present events and just refresh your minds. 


10th Oct, 2019

examination conducted

Social Services Council Arpan takes immense pleasure by informing you all that an exam of more than one thousand students was conducted in the nearby schools of Amethi on Thursday i.e.on 10th Of October, 2019.
The council will now teach students of 9th,10th and 11th inside the campus on weekends.
For the same, a screening test was conducted in the nearby govt schools. A total of thousand students appeared in this exam in seven different schools.
The council is highly thankful to its members who are working tirelessly to make this initiative a successful one.

2nd Oct, 2019


                 One step towards cleanliness!
We've always heard that the output that a revolution brings can be easily undermined by the change that awareness brings. At least we at Arpan follow this saying by our heart. A successful rally to create a change not only physically but in mentality is all we want from an organisation. If there is one thing that we can boast of the Swachh Bharat Awareness Rally, it should be the fact that it was undoubtedly successful.

The amount of participation and attention we gained was much more than we could've expected. Interestingly, it was the first event of the club in which our freshers participated. They did a great job the least to say.

We thank our faculties Dr UD Dwivedi sir and Dr Anirban Mukherjee for their guidance and support. We have come a long way towards cleanliness but are light years away from the actual goal.
Hope we'll be able to achieve it!

2nd Oct, 2019

2nd Oct, 2019

2nd Oct, 2019

2nd Oct, 2019

orientation 2K19

Congratulations to all volunteers for organising such an exciting orientation. We were delighted to have our director Dr ASK Sinha as the Guest Of Honour for this event. His presence was enough to motivate and encourage us. The orientation was not merely to introduce the freshers to the council, it was followed by our first awareness session.

The theme of the awareness session was, "Climate Change, currently the biggest crisis in the world". It was great to hear that individual adjustments can bring a massive change in the ecosystem. Special thanks to our faculty advisors Dr UD Dwiwedi sir and Dr Anirban Mukherjee sir for their assistance and support. To sum up things, it was a great effort by the Arpan family.


12th Sept, 2019

Visit of Mrs. smriti irani

Arpan RGIPT Social Club thanks Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani , Union Minister of Textiles and Women & Child Development for being a part of the grand inauguration of Statue of Swami Vivekananda at the RGIPT Jais campus. We also thank our Guest of Honour Swami Varishthananda for his kind guidance.

The concern of our Union Minister about the reach of the education program to the last person is being addressed by our club for a long time. The way in which our volunteers are working for the betterment of small children and the kind of quality education they are getting in the hands of these able volunteers is something that needs no acknowledgement. We thank the honourable minister for raising this issue and acknowledging the fact that these small children need and deserve some kind of guidance from us for bridging the gap created by unequal resources and management. We are proud to say that we, as volunteers have done a lot for the same. For the huge effort we are putting in and the zeal of our members, we expect nothing in return but support from the government and administration. Your moral support will do a lot more than a materialistic one.

Cheers for Arpan.


Gyanarpan Kids in Campus

Happiness is nowhere but here...
Thanks Cultural Council RGIPT for inviting   the Gyanarpan Kids in   Pratidhwani - The Fresher's Abode 2K19.

7th Sept, 2019


5th Sept, 2019

Teacher's Day Celebration

This is all we get in return for spending some time with these children, their love, respect, trust and dedication is sufficient to make us laugh and cry at the same time. This is to thank all these kids for their dedicated efforts to entertain and bring a smile to our face. We promise that we'll do much more from now to make your future bright.

15th Aug, 2019

Independence Day Celebration

RGIPT Social Club - Arpan celebrated Independence Day with the students of Gyanarpan teaching centre. The feeling of interacting with the future of this great nation made the day for our volunteers. The students had opportunities to showcase their talent and they didn't disappoint us. Even we, the RGIPTians, didn't hold ourselves back and tried to motivate our students with our fiery speeches and patriotic music.