ARPAN Events

Blood Donation Camp.

Thank you all for joining the blood donation camp and for making a small though very crucial contribution to the above figures. Special thanks to the donors whose generosity and support will save many lives. We were able to donate 71 units of blood; it was made possible by the assistance and cooperation of Red Cross Society and the expert medical team of SGPGI. Thank you for joining us.


ARPAN - Science fair

#MemberMonday celebrates the 10th anniversary of Arpan, the social club of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology. Located in #India, their main objective is to encourage young children to read and write. Through this program, Arpan volunteers prepare students for admission to prestigious schools, exams, and other initiatives.

Annually, Arpan organizes a science fair: nearly 300 students from nearby schools attend. In addition to the educational events, social service activities are also conducted, such as mattress distributions, blood donation camps, and cleanliness awareness campaigns.

Congrats on your decade of service, and here's to many more!

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